Expression Engine

Expression Engine Installation

Expression Engine the Content Management System (CMS) for Designers and Developers Website Application.
Today, I will talking about Expression Engine Installation.

Expression Engine 
< Dowload here >
Manage Code:

ExpressionEngine Manage code
ExpressionEngine folder code

Step 1: Installation Expression Engine
Run:    http://localhost/EE/system/

(Runed Xampp or apache #)

Expression Engine
Expression Engine


Click here to install a brand new from Expression Engine
Click here to install a brand new from Expression Engine
You agree to abide ... Expression Engine
You agree to abide … Expression Engine


Web Publishing

ExpressionEngine’s publishing features are broad, comprehensive, and highly flexible.

  • Multiple Channels/Site Sections
  • Custom Entry Fields
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Custom Statuses
  • Multiple Categories
  • RSS and ATOM Syndication

Template Engine

Our template engine permits you to build dynamic, content driven websites using simple, yet powerful, tags.

  • Full Page Modeling
  • Conditional Operators
  • Custom Global Variables
  • Sub-Templates
  • Template Access Control
  • PHP in Templates
  • Custom SQL Queries
  • Template Exporting

Data Caching

ExpressionEngine’s data caching features allow you to reduce your server load while retaining all the benefits of dynamically generated information.


ExpressionEngine’s powerful utilities help you manage your site.
  • SQL Manager
  • Extension Manager
  • Admin Logs
  • Search and Replace
  • Data Export
  • PHP Info

Step 2: Config Setting url, database and …

Config Setting server, url and email
Config Setting database
Config Setting admin
Config Setting modules and local

Installation Expression Engine successful
Installation Expression Engine successful

Very Important:  Using your FTP program or folder code > xampp/htdocs/EE/, please find the folder named “installer” and delete.

You will find this folder located at: /system/installer

You will NOT be permitted to log into your Control Panel until you do.

Perfect !

Frond end Page

Frond end Page

And Admin ControlPanel

Thanks for viewer ! Please review if you see fail.

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